Care for the Orphans & The Elderly

In the communities we serve in, the prevalence  neglect, abandonment and violence meted against older persons and orphans has taken new dimensions such as killings,  domestic violence, rape particularly among older women, kidnapping for monetary gain, fraud to acquire property and money from older members of society engineered by children. Visitation Daughters of Mary supports this marginalized group in their own homes through HOME-BASED-CARE. 

  • Care of orphans
  • Support for the elderly

We support the Orphans and elderly by providing them with food, shelter and clothing, we also assist with medical assistance by taking them to hospital, repair dilapidated shelters, support those with Orphans and Vulnerable Children and give compassion to to the lonely.

Women and Youth Empowerment

Visitation Daughters of Mary contribute towards the reduction of unemployment, among the youth and women, through the creation of employment opportunities in  Agri-business:  Fruits & Vegetables farming, Beekeeping, Poultry and Livestock rearing.  The direct beneficiaries of these Projects are the 150 women and youth targeted in the environs of the three communities VDM is stationed and the indirect beneficiaries include the 500 families living in where we work. 

Women Empowerment Project

Women Bee-Keeping Project : Katolo – Kisumu County.