We invite women ages 18-30 to take time to listen to God’s voice as they discern their vocation to Religious Life. If you feel like God is calling you, we Welcome you to come and Share the Charism of Visitation Daughters of Mary

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Stages of Formation

“Here I am Lord, I come to do your will….Ps. 40:8-9

The Visitation Daughters of Mary have a comprehensive formation program for their formees. There are four stages; giving each candidate time to discern her personal “call” from God. These stages are as follows:


This is the first stage of VDM formation. It is a time when a young woman is accepted to start the searching journey in the VDM family. She becomes familiar with the congregation, its life of prayer and work.


This is the second stage. The Aspirant is now accepted to postulate stage of formation. During this time, she enters more deeply into the life of community and continues to study the congregation’s charism with a love and devotion to Our Blessed Mother Mary.


During the Novitiate, the Novice enters a more profound life of prayer and study as she embraces her desire to live the evangelical vows of Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience for the sake of the kingdom. This time set aside, allows her to focus on her relationship to Jesus, her devotion to Mary, and gain an appreciation of the congregation’s history. Additionally, she is helped to develop an attitude of gratitude for the founders’ generosity; all of which she hopes to emulate as she lives her religious vocation in faithfulness, joy, and dedication.


When a Sister of Visitation Daughters of Mary makes First Profession, she knows she has been given the opportunity for good discernment. The entire process takes a period of at least 4 years during initial formation and 5 years from the time when one makes 1st profession to the time that one commits for life.

By the time a Sister takes her perpetual vows, she has been immersed into the life and charism of the congregation in such a way, that her joy of commitment over flows; touching and renewing all the members who promise to support her!