Vocation is a gift from God. Vocation comes from Latin word “vocare” which means to call. It is an invitation to follow Jesus more closely.


We invite women ages 18-30 to take time to listen to God’s voice as they discern their vocation to Religious Life. If you feel like God is calling you to come share the Charism of Visitation Daughters of Mary.


From Christ, a sister learns true poverty of spirit and complete trust in Divine providence

Our Association faithful to the inspiration of its origin, makes its own the mission of animating families in the restoration of their spiritual health and addressing the problems arising from spiritual emptiness, through diverse ministries with our physical presence and prayerful acts of solidarity, in order to build families and communities of love and hope, where values are nurtured and God is sought above all things.
A Charism is God’s grace, a gift that the Holy Spirit offers to the world through a person or a group of people. It’s from this gift that a religious community is born. This gift determines the way of life and mission. The Visitation Daughters’ Charism is: to live and share the mystery of the love of Christ among ourselves and in service in charity to families.
The vision of the Visitation Daughters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is to be a community of consecrated religious women totally committed to render services in communion with the Church to the Christian faithful and to the world at large in restoring spiritual health and building families and communities where God is loved and sought.


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